It's time to clear
up the facts

Skeptical? That's okay.

Here at IBDassist we try to be as transparent as possible. We are not trying to be a "natural cure" or "miracle pill." We created our formula with help from health care specialists to maintain the bioavailability of each ingredient. The goal for our formula is to regulate the immune system, not overwork it. We wanted to make it more convenient for anyone with gut problems to get the vitamins they need in one capsule, once a day, for a fraction of the price.

Traceable Ingredients

At IBDassist, our approach to our multivitamins goes beyond simply blending high-quality ingredients. Our focus is to provide you the safest and most absorbable vitamins you can take for your gut problems. All of our ingredients are made traceable, so you know what you’re putting in your body. Transparency is not merely a label claim but a core value.

Managing your Gut Issues shouldn't be so difficult.

IBDassist was created to help those with gut problems get the vitamins they need. It can be difficult for those with gut problems to get the necessary nutrients they need due to flares and surgeries. Instead of patients having to buy their gut vitamins separately, and pay $100-$130 a month, we wanted to make it more convenient for anyone to get the vitamins they need in one capsule.

Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Eric Wood, ND

Dr. Eric Wood, ND is a District of Columbia-licensed naturopathic physician and a graduate of the CanadianCollege of Naturopathic Medicine. Additionally, he is licensed through the Commission of ReligiousConsulting and Healing as a “Theocentric Healing Specialist.” This allows him to freely practice a wide variety of non-invasive, non-drug based natural healing modalities and therapies in Florida. This is relevant to his educational training and scope as a naturopathic physician recognizing the spiritual divine as being as an essential force in helping people recover their health.

Meet the Team

Our Team

Brendan Amaru

Brendan is the Chief Activist Officer for IBDassist. He received his Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and Nutrition from the University of Miami. Brendan focuses on making IBDassist a GI activist movement and strives to build awareness for autoimmune diseases in the community. When he's not on calls with the Medical Advisory Board, Brendan can be found drumming, surfing, and hiking.

Sina Reynosa

Sina is originally from Tempe, Arizona. She received her Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Management San Diego State University in 2018, and has worked in the autoimmune vitamin industry ever since. As our Chief Operations Officer, Sina is in charge of the daily operations of IBDassist. She also works as a liaison between us, our customers and the Gut Health community. She is dedicated to helping others better their life.